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To Sew or not to Sew!

Is it possible to retain length using a sew-in as a protective style? The answer is yes, and only under conditions in which you are very diligent when it comes to caring for your hair. Most breakage and horror stories come from stylists who don't know the proper amount of tension when it comes to braiding your hair for the install. As a result, you... are left with hair that is thin, see-through, fragile and severly damaged in need of a major haircut.

Other horror stories are as a result of women installing sew-ins on hair that is too weak to withstand any amount of stress for long periods of time. If you are suffering from severe breakage due to relaxers, color services, too much heat from blowouts. I wouldn't recommend a sew-in or anything that places tension on the hair for an extended amount of time. A sew-in will only further aggravate your issues leaving you with hair more damaged after the install than it was before. Lastly, you will experience damage if you neglect to follow a regular maintenance routine. The amount of damage varies from breakage in areas that are more prone to damage, to complete hair loss in others.


Keys to a successful sew-in maintenace tips:The braids are firm but not too tight You use quality virgin, remy or human hair instead of synthetic Use silk thread in lieu of cotton Get a protein treatment before and after each install Shampoo hair regularly Moisturize regularly Leave hair out around hairline

Following the steps above along with a gentle, licensed professional and qualified stylist, You should be able to leave your install in for up to 3 months.